Wednesday, April 10, 2013

EGAN Medical Celebrates First-Ever Sale to Pakistan

EGAN Medical Celebrates First-Ever Mid-East Sale

Egan Medical is celebrating its first-ever sale to a customer outside of North America and Europe today. The sale involved the purchase of a Best Cradle (adjustable Prenatal Cradle) maternity support to a customer in of all places Pakistan.

While not listed on the list of ship-to countries, EGAN Medical has long held a quiet policy of shipping anywhere in the world if an individual customer from any given country were to send an email requesting a shipping quote to that individual's respective locale.

Well, a gentleman from Pakistan did just that, and EGAN Medical replied with a shipping quote which surprised both parties in terms of the price. No, it wasn't shockingly high, but rather the opposite. The shipment cost just over $12 U.S. dollars, a figure which both parties found to be quite reasonable all things considered.

About a week after the gentleman requested the shipping quote, an order came through with a shipping destination in Pakistan.

The sale is notable within the annals of EGAN Medical firsts in that it was not just the company's first-ever sale to a Pakistani customer, it was EGAN's first-ever sale to a customer located anywhere but the United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal. Prior to the shipment to Pakistan, EGAN had not experienced a sale beyond the reaches of North America and Western Europe. (Article Continued Below Image)

Maternity Support - Pakistan

As for the product purchased, one could not be faulted for wondering what type of product is so rare and important that buying it from someone halfway around the world is worthwhile and justified. Well, apparently the Best Cradle (Adjustable Prenatal Cradle), which is manufactured by a Michigan-based company called It's You Babe, LLC, is that important. The Best Cradle provides support to virtually every spot on a woman's body that experiences pain as a direct result of being pregnant. It is more comprehensive than a traditional maternity belt in the design, and as a result can help relieve pain all over the body as opposed to merely the abdominal region and back.

The Best Cradle was apparently important enough to one gentleman that he went well out of his way to find out if a company was willing to ship to his country-of-origin, request a shipping quote, then purchase it from halfway across the globe so that his daughter would be as comfortable as possible during her pregnancy.