Friday, November 23, 2012

Long Reach Comfort Wipe Extended-Grip Toilet Tissue Wiping Aide

Long Reach Extended Self-Wipe Toilet Aide

Egan Medical Equipment & Supply is proud to offer high-quality, affordable health care products that genuinely offer a tangible improvement to the lives of the individuals whom they are designed for.

Price: $13.50 (Plus Shipping)

Manufacturer:  Ideaworks
Manufacturer Product ID:  JB5231
Categories:  Medical Supplies > Bariatric > Toilet Aids > Wiping Aids


The Long Reach Comfort Wipe is an extended self-wiping toilet aide designed to assist people with disabilities, restricted range-of-motion and/or obese people with the highly personal yet extremely important task of wiping themselves after using the facility. The Long Reach Comfort Wipe wiping aide for obese and disabled individuals is ergonomically designed to help those who have trouble cleansing themselves after use of the restroom achieve an optimal degree of cleanliness without creating a mess in the process.

This unique toilet aide is 15.75" in length, and features a convenient release button to easily discard toilet paper/tissue, pre-moistened in a quick, sanitary manner.
Personal Hygiene: Long Reach Comfort Wipe Extended Toilet Tissue Wiping Aide
An argument can be made that the Long Reach is the top extended-reach toilet aide on the market, when one factors in its length, ergonomic design, comfortable surface and unique push-button release mechanism. Another reason the Long Reach Comfort Wipe is among the top-selling personal hygiene products in its class is due to its price, which is extremely reasonable at just $13.50 per unit, the EGAN Medical price. Other retailers, both online and in-store may and in all likelihood do charge more for the product, but customers can avoid paying extra by shopping at as opposed to Walgreens or CVS, where the same items cost up to TWO and THREE TIMES AS MUCH!!!

This quality-of-life-enhancing bathroom device can be purchased directly from the website of Egan Medical Equipment, and can be found in both the "Personal Aids" and "Cleansing Products" categories.

Customer Review: Prenatal Cradle by It's You Babe

"On top of the speedy shipment and A+ service, their (EGAN's) price was about $12 less than the next best price I could find." ~ Desiree Lewis of Eugene, Oregon

My pregnancy was extremely difficult. There were a few complications, and I definitely think it was the most challenging period I've ever had to endure in life. The Prenatal Cradle by It's You Babe made my life SO MUCH easier I can't even begin to describe it.

My mom had bought my two other maternity supports before I ordered a prenatal cradle from Egan Medical. Neither of them helped, and one even caused me pain in one of the few places I wasn't already hurting.

Prenatal Cradle by It's You BabeThe prenatal cradle felt like it was custom-designed to fit my body. It provided support everywhere that I needed it, and really surprised me with how much it helped relieve pain and stress on my back. Every singly part of my body hurt less after a day wearing a PC than it did before I started wearing it. As I got further and further along in my pregnancy, the amount of relief this seemingly simple undergarment brought me just seemed to increase proportionately to the size of my breasts and belly.

I highly recommend this product for any woman who is pregnant and in pain, or even women who aren't in tremendous pain but would like to engage in more physical activity than they can without the help of a maternity support such as the prenatal cradle.

As for where to buy, I was obviously very pleased with my experience with Egan Medical Supply, or else I probably wouldn't be writing this review.

I'm a bargain hunter, and I also like to deal with companies I can trust will ship on time and provide service after the sale. Egan had my order in my mailbox within three days, and they even let me exchange my original order for a larger size and covered the cost of the replacement shipment. I didn't expect them to do that, but the people I spoke with were very friendly and obviously hooked it up.

On top of the speedy shipment and A+ service, their price was about $12 less than the next best price I could find. Not sure how this company makes money, but from a customer's standpoint - especially that of an expecting, newlywed mom-to-be who is not particularly wealthy and who has to make every dollar count - Egan Medical was a Godsend. The next time I need anything they sell, chances are I'm going to get it from them. Though the prenatal cradle and vitamins are all I've purchased from them, my experience was so uncommonly positive that I do consider myself a loyal customer and hope to remain one for a long time to come.

They gave me a coupon for free shipping on some prenatal vitamins. The vitamins were kind of expensive, but they were the same price everywhere else I looked, and from what I gather are very high quality and far superior to grocery store or drug store vitamins, which don't absorb well at all.