Friday, November 23, 2012

Long Reach Comfort Wipe Extended-Grip Toilet Tissue Wiping Aide

Long Reach Extended Self-Wipe Toilet Aide

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Price: $13.50 (Plus Shipping)

Manufacturer:  Ideaworks
Manufacturer Product ID:  JB5231
Categories:  Medical Supplies > Bariatric > Toilet Aids > Wiping Aids


The Long Reach Comfort Wipe is an extended self-wiping toilet aide designed to assist people with disabilities, restricted range-of-motion and/or obese people with the highly personal yet extremely important task of wiping themselves after using the facility. The Long Reach Comfort Wipe wiping aide for obese and disabled individuals is ergonomically designed to help those who have trouble cleansing themselves after use of the restroom achieve an optimal degree of cleanliness without creating a mess in the process.

This unique toilet aide is 15.75" in length, and features a convenient release button to easily discard toilet paper/tissue, pre-moistened in a quick, sanitary manner.
Personal Hygiene: Long Reach Comfort Wipe Extended Toilet Tissue Wiping Aide
An argument can be made that the Long Reach is the top extended-reach toilet aide on the market, when one factors in its length, ergonomic design, comfortable surface and unique push-button release mechanism. Another reason the Long Reach Comfort Wipe is among the top-selling personal hygiene products in its class is due to its price, which is extremely reasonable at just $13.50 per unit, the EGAN Medical price. Other retailers, both online and in-store may and in all likelihood do charge more for the product, but customers can avoid paying extra by shopping at as opposed to Walgreens or CVS, where the same items cost up to TWO and THREE TIMES AS MUCH!!!

This quality-of-life-enhancing bathroom device can be purchased directly from the website of Egan Medical Equipment, and can be found in both the "Personal Aids" and "Cleansing Products" categories.