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EGAN Medical Opens Sales Booth at Bonanza

EGAN Medical to Develop Selling Profile at eBay Alternative

EGAN Medical has opened a sales booth at third party site Bonanza, EGAN's first venture involving third-party brokers and/or marketplaces since the company made the decision to discontinue selling on eBay due to treacherous (and criminal) behavior on behalf of eBay company PayPal and/or PayPal employees.

EGAN Medical to Sell at Ebay Alternative Bonanza

Bonanza is a relatively young, upstart third-party marketplace similar in some ways to eBay and Amazon. After careful consideration of a number of websites and third-party marketplaces, it was determined that Bonanza was primed and ready for the entry of a company like EGAN Medical into the marketplace.

Ebay Alternative

EGAN will retain its primary brand identity by operating under the Bonanza username EganMedical. Many of the products EGAN plans to make available for purchase through it's Bonanza sales booth will be similar and/or the same as our featured on the EGAN Medical website. However, in much the same way that EGAN utilized eBay as a resource for selling odd items and other products that for whatever reason were deemed unsuitable to become permanent installations or long-term additions to the EGAN Medical product catalog. While the plan is to maintain some element of surprise for those customers who do check out the EGAN Medical Bonanza sales booth, one safe bet is that the product offerings will be fairly heavy on compression stockings and maternity care products such as the Mini Cradle, a back & belly support for women who are pregnant, and the younger, scaled-down cousin of the Prenatal Cradle and Best Cradle.

There are three primary components to a sale sales presence at Bonanza: 1) A selling profile; 2) A sales booth; and 3) The actual product pages themselves.

EGAN Medical's selling profile at Bonanza can be located here:

The practicality of the URLs for the sellers' respective sales booths appear to make more sense then do the URLs for the user profiles. For one thing, they contain the username of the Bonanza seller in addition to a directory for booths, Bonanza's rough equivalent to what eBay calls an "eBay Store". EGAN's booth is located at the following address:

Finally, there are the actual product pages. While EGAN has as of the time of this writing only created a single product page, the development of a robust presence within the burgeoning marketplace is in the works.

Not surprisingly, EGAN's first product addition to the company's new Bonanza sales booth falls within the category of maternity belts and supports, a challenging category under which to sell within third-party marketplaces due to the decision sellers must make to categorize their products in either the 'Medical/Mobility/Disability' category under the 'Braces and Supports' subcategory, or list the products under the 'Fashion/Attire' umbrella category, "Maternity" subcategory and typically "Other" third-level category. The first EGAN Medical 

The following images describe the Mini Cradle in just enough detail to give prospective buyers sufficient information to make a purchase decision without over-burdening them with details.

Above is an image of a pregnant women wearing a Mini Cradle maternity belt, produced by the makers of the patented Prenatal Cradle.

Finally, the two images directly above contain a brief product description, a list of features and a list of the medical conditions for which the product is indicated to help treat.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

EGAN Medical Now Offers Full Site Translations

EGAN Medical Now Offers Full Site Translations

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply has announced today the debut of the companies brand-new language translation widget, a small box affixed atop the EGAN Medical Supply (online) store's product categories which enables customers and other website visitors the ability to translate the original English language content into any one of 43 other languages spoken around the world, 44 including English.

EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan said in a news release that his company's international customer base continues to grow at a surprising clip, with sales coming in from literally all corners of the globe (at least the part that's inhabited). From Canada to China to Russia, France, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Japan, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few, there is no place on earth where EGAN doesn't have at least one customer - at least in terms of inhabited continents. 

As for individual countries, EGAN's CEO estimates his company had shipped products to no less than 40 different countries, and possibly as many as 50-55.

The move is designed to improve upon conversion rates among visitors to the website who hail from outside the U.S. and Canada, EGAN's two strongholds in North America.

For more on this development, please visit the official EGAN Medical company blog.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checkout Once Again Working Properly

EGAN Medical Apologizes for Downtime Involving Order Processing System

EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply is pleased to announce that the company's order processing system upgrades are complete and customers can once again checkout securely at their convenience.

EGAN Medical
EGAN Medical Supply & Maternity Care
EGAN Medical has apologized to customers who had attempted to make purchases between the afternoon of April 10 through the afternoon of April 15.

As a result of across-the-board upgrades involving the EGAN Medical order processing, shopping cart and merchant services software, some customers who had attempted to make purchases during this time-period were unable to complete checkout.

EGAN has announced that the system is once again fully-operational, and that customers who had attempted to complete purchases while the order processing system was temporarily down may do so at any point the remainder of the week. Anyone whose order was delayed by two days or more will receive a free shipping upgrade, and all customers who were inconvenienced by the temporary downtime will be receiving a free gift in addition to their order.

For a more detailed explanation of the situation and the reasons underlying the need for EGAN to upgrade from PayPal, EGAN Medical's former merchant services provider whose penchant for disrupting customer relations and obstructing EGAN's relationships with its customer base ultimately cost it the company's business, to, the world's premiere secure e-commerce services provider, please visit the company's official blog at

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

A Letter from EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan

Every year on December 27 and 28, I spend considerable time replying to messages and thanking people. The reason is that my birthday is on the 26th. Literally several hundred people will leave birthday wishes on my timeline before the day is over.

This year, the first such wish came in around the 23rd of December. It was from Mr. Darrell Seeeing, co-owner of It's You Babe, LLC.

To all my friends unfamiliar with Mr. Seering, he and wife Christine are the owners of Its You Babe, LLC, maker of the world's finest Maternity Belts and Vulvar Varicosities Supports. the products were designed and patented by Mrs. Seering, the first of which inspired by a desire to help Darrell's sister be relieved of intense pain associated with her pregnancy.

The original product was the Prenatal Cradle, however the line quickly expanded to include such items as the Mini Cradle (maternity belt), Best Cradle (adjustable Prenatal Cradle), Hip Brace, V2 Supporter (for Vulvar Varicosities), Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 and Hip Brace Plus V2.

Much like my mother (Pamela Egan)'s articles were so innovative, topics she wrote about 7 and 8 years ago are still being plagiarized and republished by newspapers, famous media "doctors" and no-name bloggers alike; the It's You Babe line of #maternity products is the standard all other maternity belts, belly bands, pregnancy cradles, hip braces, trochanter belts and compressive undergarments for treating Vulvar Varicosities aspire to replicate. Many try, as of yet none have succeeded.

If you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, work for or operate an #OBGYN clinic or anyone else potentially interested in these products, the entire It's You Babe line can be purchased directly by consumers and physicians' offices alike right from the EGAN Medical website.

To become a fan of EGAN Medical and It's You Babe please visit and, respectively.