Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checkout Once Again Working Properly

EGAN Medical Apologizes for Downtime Involving Order Processing System

EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply is pleased to announce that the company's order processing system upgrades are complete and customers can once again checkout securely at their convenience.

EGAN Medical
EGAN Medical Supply & Maternity Care
EGAN Medical has apologized to customers who had attempted to make purchases between the afternoon of April 10 through the afternoon of April 15.

As a result of across-the-board upgrades involving the EGAN Medical order processing, shopping cart and merchant services software, some customers who had attempted to make purchases during this time-period were unable to complete checkout.

EGAN has announced that the system is once again fully-operational, and that customers who had attempted to complete purchases while the order processing system was temporarily down may do so at any point the remainder of the week. Anyone whose order was delayed by two days or more will receive a free shipping upgrade, and all customers who were inconvenienced by the temporary downtime will be receiving a free gift in addition to their order.

For a more detailed explanation of the situation and the reasons underlying the need for EGAN to upgrade from PayPal, EGAN Medical's former merchant services provider whose penchant for disrupting customer relations and obstructing EGAN's relationships with its customer base ultimately cost it the company's business, to Authorize.net, the world's premiere secure e-commerce services provider, please visit the company's official blog at http://eganmedicalequipment.com/.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

A Letter from EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan

Every year on December 27 and 28, I spend considerable time replying to messages and thanking people. The reason is that my birthday is on the 26th. Literally several hundred people will leave birthday wishes on my timeline before the day is over.

This year, the first such wish came in around the 23rd of December. It was from Mr. Darrell Seeeing, co-owner of It's You Babe, LLC.

To all my friends unfamiliar with Mr. Seering, he and wife Christine are the owners of Its You Babe, LLC, maker of the world's finest Maternity Belts and Vulvar Varicosities Supports. the products were designed and patented by Mrs. Seering, the first of which inspired by a desire to help Darrell's sister be relieved of intense pain associated with her pregnancy.

The original product was the Prenatal Cradle, however the line quickly expanded to include such items as the Mini Cradle (maternity belt), Best Cradle (adjustable Prenatal Cradle), Hip Brace, V2 Supporter (for Vulvar Varicosities), Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 and Hip Brace Plus V2.

Much like my mother (Pamela Egan)'s articles were so innovative, topics she wrote about 7 and 8 years ago are still being plagiarized and republished by newspapers, famous media "doctors" and no-name bloggers alike; the It's You Babe line of #maternity products is the standard all other maternity belts, belly bands, pregnancy cradles, hip braces, trochanter belts and compressive undergarments for treating Vulvar Varicosities aspire to replicate. Many try, as of yet none have succeeded.

If you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, work for or operate an #OBGYN clinic or anyone else potentially interested in these products, the entire It's You Babe line can be purchased directly by consumers and physicians' offices alike right from the EGAN Medical website.

To become a fan of EGAN Medical and It's You Babe please visit http://www.facebook.com/eganmedical and http://Facebook.com/itsyoubabe, respectively.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getty-Up Sticks On Sale (Black Friday Special)

Black Friday Sale: Getty-Up Stick Now Just $48 (Free Shipping to US)

The fascinating and innovative personal mobility aid known as the Getty-Up Stick (aka: "Apollo Cane) is now on-sale at EGAN Medical Equipment. The dual-handled cane with a built-in LED flashlight is now just $48.00 (regular price = $69.95), and ships free to the continental United States!

Black Friday Sale: Big Savings on Getty-Up Stick / Apollo Cane at EGAN Medical

The Getty-Up Stick / Apollo Cane a popular mobility device that can be described as a dual-handled walking cane with built-in LED flashlight has seen its price substantially reduced in a Black Friday special available now until further notice.
Giddy-Up Stick

To learn more about this incredible personal mobility aid, please visit our official blog at EganMedicalEquipment.com.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply Launches New Blog

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply Launches New Blog

EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply has launched a brand-new blog in addition to the numerous blogs to which the SE Louisiana and Coastal Mississippi-based online medical equipment and supply dealer has published news and product-related updates in recent years.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

The blog is hosted by EGAN Medical, which marks a notable breach in tradition as EGAN has long published blogs to a variety of sites and blogging platforms, however the common theme between the various blogs to which EGAN has published over the course of the company's post-brick-and-mortar existence is that they've all involved websites owned or controlled by a company other than EGAN Medical Equipment itself.

The company is billing the new blog as "official", a term that has been loosely thrown around from time-to-time in the other blogs bearing the EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply name or some variation thereof.

Most likely, the new blog, which can be found at http://eganmedicalequipment.com/, will be used for official company news and announcements while the the others such as this blog, the EGAN Wordpress blog and the Egan Tumblr blog will be used for lighthearted applications such as exclusive coupons, deals and news not necessarily directly related to the company.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

EGAN Medical Equipment to Offer Discount Coupons to Facebook Fans


Aug. 25, 2013 - GULFPORT, Miss. -- Customers to Receive Big Savings by “Liking” EGAN Medical on Facebook

Would you like to receive an exclusive coupon code or discount valid toward any purchase from EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply® available only to those Egan Medical Facebook fans who have "Liked" the company's official Facebook page?

EGAN Medical Equipment Facebook Coupon
We thought so. That's why we've created a special coupon code exclusively for use by individuals who have "Liked" the official EGAN Medical Facebook page.

By "Liking" the EGAN Medical Facebook page (the official one), you will gain access to a coupon code that will automatically deduct 7.5% off of any order placed at EganMedical.com of any size, quantity or dollar-amount.

With the exceptions outlined below, this offer may be applied toward any purchase of virtually any item in the store. This includes but is not limited to traditional durable and home medical equipment products, medical supplies, incontinence supplies, vitamins and nutritional supplements, personal and hygienic aides such as the Long Reach Comfort Wipe (link: http://www.eganmedical.com/Long-Reach-Comfort-Wipe-p/ms-c...), and of course EGAN Medical's comprehensive line of pregnancy/maternity care products including the patented V2 Supporter (link: http://www.eganmedical.com/V2-Supporter-p/ormt-v2s.htm), which is made in the USA by a cutting-edge manufacturer of prenatal compression and support undergarments.

*** Coupon Code for EGAN Medical Facebook Fans: "FBDISCOUNT75"  ***

Enter code as shown, only without quotation marks.

Official EGAN Medical Facebook Page URL: http://www.facebook.com/eganmedical

Some caveats apply:

Offer valid only to residents of the United States, Canada and any other country to which USPS will ship ages 18 and older.

2.) Offer not valid on products whose manufacturers require that all retailers adhere to MAP pricing (Manufacturer Advertised Pricing). Since we already charge only the bare minimum allowable to sell these items legitimately, we cannot sell them for a penny less without breaching a contract with the manufacturer, who could refuse to sell to us were we to do so. MAP products include any products manufactured by Douglas Laboratories, and may include those made by other manufacturers in the future. While some of our existing vendors do have MAP policies in place, the items governed by the MAP guidelines are not currently available for purchase at EganMedical.com. Please check with us if the code won't work when entered. We'll let you know promptly if its a matter of MAP compliance or some other technical glitch which can be fixed or worked around.

3.) Purchases made using the special discount code will be cross-referenced to ensure that the name listed on either the billing or shipping address matches the name of at least one person who has “Liked” the official EGAN Medical Facebook business page. If no match is found, the order will be updated to “pending” status, and an invoice for the amount saved will be emailed to the address listed at checkout. Item(s) purchased will not ship until either the invoice amount has been paid, or the customer has clarified why the name on the order does not match any of those on EGAN Medical’s list of Facebook “fans” (people who have “Liked” the official business page.

4.) Discount code MAY NOT be used in conjunction with any other discounts, coupons or promotional offers in which products are made available for purchase for less than regular price; nor may the code be used in conjunction with any offer involving free or discounted shipping. The exceptions are those products for which free shipping is offered to all customers with no need for a special discount or code necessary to redeem the free shipping offer. The Facebook discount may be applied toward these products provided they are not governed by a manufacturer's MAP pricing schedule.

5.) Customers MAY NOT "Like" the page, place their respective orders and then "unlike" the page once the order has been placed. Doing so will preclude customers from any and all future promotions. Additionally, if caught, a surcharge will apply to any future orders placed at EganMedical.com or any EGAN Medical partners or affiliates. The surcharge amount is --- you guessed it --- 7.5%. Since EGAN already has the world's lowest prices on the overwhelming majority of the products we carry, chances are any given customer will require what we're selling at more than one point in their life. Therefore, if considering pulling the 'bait n' switch', we recommend thinking long and hard about doing so. The deal is that by taking advantage of the offer, you're committing to being a fan of EGAN Medical on Facebook for life.

For the record, there are no legal ramifications for 'unliking' the page. The only consequences for doing so after making a purchase using the code in order to receive a discount are those lawfully imposed by EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc., its partners and its affiliates. That said, we believe that to be sufficient incentive to encourage ethical behavior by those who require encouragement in order to behave ethically, which we like to think constitutes a very small percentage of our (generally speaking) wonderful customer base.

Note: EGAN Medical already offers customers a 'social store' through its Facebook page. Customers who do their shopping via the EGAN Medical Facebook Social Store receive an automatic 5% discount on their respective purchases. This offer is valid only when the purchase is completed via the EganMedical.com website, and may not be used in conjunction with any savings resulting from shopping at the company's social store.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

EGAN Medical Employees Earn Extra Paid Day Off

EGAN Medical Employees Earn Extra Paid Day Off!

By: EGAN Medical Management Team

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply employees have been working extra-hard since our recent opening of our Long Beach, Mississippi distribution center to compliment our Covington, Louisiana office.

As a gesture of gratitude for all they've done for EGAN Medical, management has declared an early start to the July 4 holiday, offering all EGAN employees the choice of taking off Wednesday July 3 in addition to Thursday July 4. July 3 will count as a paid work day for any/all employees who decide to get an early start to their Independence Day celebrations.

EGAN Medical Employees Earn Paid Day Off
Happy Independence Day from EGAN Medical
As a result of this, email and phone support may be unavailable from the close of business Tuesday July 2 until the opening of business Friday July 5. If you are unable to get a response during this time period, don't panic. Management will be doing its best during this time to respond to as many emails as possible, however we may not be able to reply to all emails sent after the close of business Tuesday until Friday morning.

EGAN Medical wishes all customers and employees a happy, safe and fulfilling Independence Day, and we look forward to the mid-week celebration of freedom, as well as to rejoining our fellow colleagues on Friday in resuming our normal business hours. All orders placed Wednesday and Thursday will ship Friday.

Thanks to all EGAN employees and customers for making us the company we are today! Happy Independence Day and a sincere thanks from the entire EGAN Medical family to all who serve or have ever served!