Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

Maternity Belts and Birthdays

A Letter from EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan

Every year on December 27 and 28, I spend considerable time replying to messages and thanking people. The reason is that my birthday is on the 26th. Literally several hundred people will leave birthday wishes on my timeline before the day is over.

This year, the first such wish came in around the 23rd of December. It was from Mr. Darrell Seeeing, co-owner of It's You Babe, LLC.

To all my friends unfamiliar with Mr. Seering, he and wife Christine are the owners of Its You Babe, LLC, maker of the world's finest Maternity Belts and Vulvar Varicosities Supports. the products were designed and patented by Mrs. Seering, the first of which inspired by a desire to help Darrell's sister be relieved of intense pain associated with her pregnancy.

The original product was the Prenatal Cradle, however the line quickly expanded to include such items as the Mini Cradle (maternity belt), Best Cradle (adjustable Prenatal Cradle), Hip Brace, V2 Supporter (for Vulvar Varicosities), Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 and Hip Brace Plus V2.

Much like my mother (Pamela Egan)'s articles were so innovative, topics she wrote about 7 and 8 years ago are still being plagiarized and republished by newspapers, famous media "doctors" and no-name bloggers alike; the It's You Babe line of #maternity products is the standard all other maternity belts, belly bands, pregnancy cradles, hip braces, trochanter belts and compressive undergarments for treating Vulvar Varicosities aspire to replicate. Many try, as of yet none have succeeded.

If you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, work for or operate an #OBGYN clinic or anyone else potentially interested in these products, the entire It's You Babe line can be purchased directly by consumers and physicians' offices alike right from the EGAN Medical website.

To become a fan of EGAN Medical and It's You Babe please visit and, respectively.