Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Checkout Once Again Working Properly

EGAN Medical Apologizes for Downtime Involving Order Processing System

EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply is pleased to announce that the company's order processing system upgrades are complete and customers can once again checkout securely at their convenience.

EGAN Medical
EGAN Medical Supply & Maternity Care
EGAN Medical has apologized to customers who had attempted to make purchases between the afternoon of April 10 through the afternoon of April 15.

As a result of across-the-board upgrades involving the EGAN Medical order processing, shopping cart and merchant services software, some customers who had attempted to make purchases during this time-period were unable to complete checkout.

EGAN has announced that the system is once again fully-operational, and that customers who had attempted to complete purchases while the order processing system was temporarily down may do so at any point the remainder of the week. Anyone whose order was delayed by two days or more will receive a free shipping upgrade, and all customers who were inconvenienced by the temporary downtime will be receiving a free gift in addition to their order.

For a more detailed explanation of the situation and the reasons underlying the need for EGAN to upgrade from PayPal, EGAN Medical's former merchant services provider whose penchant for disrupting customer relations and obstructing EGAN's relationships with its customer base ultimately cost it the company's business, to Authorize.net, the world's premiere secure e-commerce services provider, please visit the company's official blog at eganmedicalequipment.com.