Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EGAN Medical Meets It's You Babe --- In Person

EGAN Medical CEO Has Dinner With It's You Babe Founders at Dickie Brennan's in New Orleans

On Saturday, May 04, 2013, Peter Egan and Katherine Henderson of EGAN Medical had the honor and privilege of hosting Chris and Darrell Seering of It's You Babe, LLC for a dinner at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse in downtown New Orleans.

And an honor it was indeed. In Peter's 31 years, he recanted the following day, he'd met very few individuals much less couples in possession of the combination of class, kindness, friendliness, intellect and wit.

Katherine and Peter couldn't help but discuss on the drive back to Long Beach their shared impression that they had a fair amount in common with the Seerings, and wouldn't be altogether shocked if they were to bear a striking resemblance to the Seerings 20 years from now, provided the good Lord helps keep the two of them together for that long.

If they (Katie and Peter) are lucky, they'll be in a position similar to Chris and Darrell 20 years from now (and not just from the standpoint of business).

They are a couple that are very much along the lines of what Peter and Katie aspire to become over time.

Peter was very clear that he really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with them for a few hours. There was so much to talk about on so many levels, some related to business, some not. 

From Left: Katherine Henderson, Chris Seering, Darrell Seering and Peter Egan
From Left: Katherine Henderson, Chris Seering, Darrell Seering and Peter Egan

It was one of those meetings where although you're meeting someone for the first time, it feels like you've known them for years and are merely catching up. 

They were exactly as he (Peter) envisioned them, and he said afterward that could not have been any more impressed with the two of them, their intellect as individuals and as a couple, and the manner in which they present themselves.

After spending just a few short hours with these upstanding entrepreneurs, it is easy to see how they manage to produce the world's premiere maternity support, not to mention the world's premiere compression therapy garment indicated for vulvar varicosities (a product called the V2 Supporter).

The maternity support is known as the Prenatal Cradle, and there is also an adjustable version (linked to in previous paragraph) called the Best Cradle.

All-in-all, it was a pleasure and honor to have been given the opportunity to host such an admirable couple for a dinner at one of the city (and world's) finest dining establishments. Everyone in the EGAN Medical family was thrilled that Katie and Peter not only got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Seering, but take them to dinner in a city known for its cuisine. Even those who did not attend were excited for Peter and Katie.

After spending a few hours with them, Peter said he understood why his initial 'gut instinct' telling him to invest into the It's You Babe line of products was so powerful that he acted upon it with almost no data to support the decision. Obviously, it's worked out well so far, and should that change at any point it certainly won't be for lack of effort.

It's You Babe's Founders with EGAN Medical's Founders