Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vitamin D Supplementation: Its Role in Ending Autism

Vitamin D Supplementation's Role in Ending Autism

Vitamin D SupplementsGiven the mounting research demonstrating a link between Autism and vitamin D deficiency in the mother during pregnancy and possibly also in the child during his or her first months on earth, how can we help the day when Autistic children are no more arrive sooner rather than later? We have the best vitamin D supplements in the world, and would be willing to defer profit (if we can figure out how to do so sustainably --- OR --- work with someone who already does know how to function sustainably without the end-goal being profit) if we can do our part to help end Autism.

On a personal note, one of our employees' relatives was diagnosed as a child with Autism. Years of therapy and whatever other treatments he now can interact socially at a normal level, and supports himself as --- of all things --- a radio broadcaster for an NPR-affiliated talk radio station in Texas.

Wonderful strides have already been made, and if the experts determine that vitamin D supplementation in low-income and underprivileged moms coupled with the education thereof for those who can afford to buy their own supplements, we are open to any and all ideas on how we can help to see to it that Autism becomes a condition of the past sooner rather than later.