Monday, December 31, 2012

EGAN Medical Targets Alabama News Readers Online with New Ad Campaign

EGAN Medical to Target Alabama Residents

EGAN Medical has decided to try an experiment involving online classifieds published in the online versions of legitimate print media publications. To begin with, EGAN published a basic ad for the award-winning Prenatal Cradle maternity support at, the primary news website geotargeted to the state of Alabama, a state in which EGAN Medical executive director Peter Egan coincidentally resided and attended journalism school for the better part of two years.
EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

EGAN, upon learning of its inclusion in Health Tech's 2012 Top Healthcare and Medical companies list, created a number of classified advertisements promoting individual medical equipment, nutritional or orthopedic products. These product listings can be accessed from the company's main listing page, which is located at the following uniform resource locator (URL):

Fingertip-style pulse oximeters, ankle walker boots and vitamin D3 supplements were among the products listed at the EGAN Medical page at Health Tech's JazdHealthcare site.

This isn't the first time EGAN has experimented with online newspaper classified ads. The company tried a brief stint with NOLA (dot com), the Times Picayune's online affiliate website. Out of principle, EGAN withdrew these advertisements once the Times Picayune announced that the paper would cease to exist as a daily publication, opting instead for three print days per week - a schedule to which EGAN Medical firmly objects.

If the current ventures show promise, EGAN may be inclined to expand upon the idea of third-party classified niche advertising on the websites of established newspapers.