Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EGAN Medical Achieves PowerSeller Status on eBay!

EGAN Medical: eBay's Newest PowerSeller!

EGAN Medical is proud to announce that the online medical equipment, supply and supplement retailer from the Gulf South has reached an important milestone in the company's growth and development. The EGAN Medical eBay Store and corresponding seller account (eBay user "egan-medical-supply"), the official eBay presence of EGAN Medical Equipment, LLC, has achieved PowerSeller status within the eBay marketplace!

For those unfamiliar with eBay selling, in their (eBay's) own words:
"eBay awards PowerSellers and Top Rated sellers with the highest levels of benefits to recognize and reward those sellers who consistently provide excellent customer service."
The benefits associated with being a PowerSeller include everything from discounted shipping rates (on shipments originating from eBay sales), to superior customer support, to better seller protection and even health insurance-related benefits.

EGAN Medical is eBay's Newest PowerSeller!
EGAN Medical: eBay's Newest PowerSeller!
EGAN Medical Equipment is extremely proud of this achievement, and would like to extend the company's deepest, most heartfelt thanks to all of our customers - eBay and alike - for providing us the opportunity to prove ourselves a worthy competitor within the marketplace, and a company that irrefutably brings something new of value to the table between EGAN's top name-brand products, discount pricing, ultra-fast shipping and remarkable customer service. For that, we thank you, our customers!

January will mark the two-year anniversary of the founding of EGAN Medical in its current form and under its current ownership, and all of us here at EGAN would like to wish all of our customers and suppliers a very merry Christmas, happy holiday season and joyous new year! Thank you for making the past two years such a remarkable success. Here's to the next two and then two more after that!