Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Censored Review From Egan Medical Customer "Martha H"

Since Yelp for whatever reason decided to censor the one and only review of Egan Medical appearing on this apparently dormant consumer review website, we decided in the name of transparency and free speech to publish it here, on the Egan Medical blog.

While we do know with certainty that no one employed by or in any way affiliated with Egan Medial in any way encouraged Ms. H to review us on Yelp, much less write such a glowing review that casts us in an extremely positive light, we cannot state with certainty that some unrelated individual with no ties to our company may have for reasons unknown to us done something to entice her into issuing her statements. Granted, this person would have no apparent incentive for doing so, but that is apparently of little interest to the censors at Yelp who decide which companies can receive favorable reviews and which cannot.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is the review that aroused so much controversy:

Author: Martha H. from Folsom, LA

Review of Egan Medical Supply:
  • Martha H.
Folsom, LA
"I have a physically disabled child and have found the incontinence and medical equipment obtained from Egan Medical Equipment & Supply to be of the highest quality and very affordable.  Of special note is the reusable bed pads that we have found to last through several years of use and washing.  Another invaluable product is the ReadyBath Basics disposable cleansing cloths that we use when full bathing is not feasible."

So, the above is the controversial review Yelp deemed too outrageous for public consumption, opting to censor the review and shield it from the public's eyes.

Is Martha really a covert plant whose only goal is to mislead consumers into thinking Egan Medical is a company that provides quality products at affordable prices to go along with unmatched customer service? Or did she really mean what she wrote in the unsolicited review? That's for you to decide...