Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to the Egan Medical Equipment Blogspot Log

Welcome to the Egan Medical Equipment and Supply Blogger Blog!

In case you're wondering, this is an official blog of Egan Medical Equipment and Supply. You did read that correctly. This is AN official blog of Egan Medical, not necessarily THE official blog of Egan Medical, although for the time being, this will be one of the places we post product updates, deals, coupons, special discounts, news about the company and any relevant news or updates about the medical equipment/supply industry in general.

We will not necessarily post the same information to each blog, nor will each be utilized for the same purposes. We may in the future create product and/or category-specific blogs so that customers who are only interested in a particular product line will have a blog entirely devoted to that subject to go to in order to look for deals or research product information.

We do recognize that most companies have a single blog that serves as THE official blog of that particular company. Well, here at Egan, we intend to do things our own way, and that entails publishing official material on behalf of the company to a number of different blogs and sites, including our primary blog (yet to be created), which will be eventually found at http://blog (dot) EganMedical (dot) com. Once created, the one located on a subdomain of will be our most formal weblog. That said, there is an appropriate time and place for formality, and then there is also an appropriate time and place for a more casual approach.

Why are we doing this?

The people who make up the company you know as Egan Medical have decided that a non-traditional approach to blogging best suits our business model. We will post coupons, deals, discounts and other rewards programs to various blogs. It will be up to you, the customer, to be diligent in keeping up so as to ensure you get the best savings possible.

In that sense, it's sort of like a game of 'Hide-and-Seek', only we're not necessarily hiding anything, just spreading it out across a variety of publishing platforms as opposed to one place. However, much like the game, when the customer "finds" the coupon, deal or discount for the specific product(s) he or she wishes to buy, that customer "wins" the "game".

It's designed to make it a little bit more fun for you the consumer, as well as convenient in the case of those blogs catered to individual product categories such as mobility equipment. A person who has diabetes may prefer to read a blog entirely dedicated to Egan's products for diabetics (and other useful and informative news and information about diabetes) than a blog about all sorts of different topics, including but not limited to diabetes. This person may not want to have to sort through pages upon pages about rollators and mobility scooters if their purpose for being there (the blog) is to read about diabetes or find ways to save on diabetic supplies such as Sensifoot Diabetic Socks.

We're going to make public where exactly we blog, and we will be posting different discounts, coupons and deals to each respective blog, with the goal of engaging our customers in a sort of game in which those customers who are the most dedicated in keeping up-to-date with our announcements reap the biggest rewards in terms of savings and in some cases giveaways.

To the best of our collective knowledge, this is not an approach that has been tried by any company we are aware of, and we'll find out sooner rather than later how well it's working out. The idea behind it is to make it fun for customers to save money by staying abreast of what we're publishing and where, so as to reap in the biggest rewards.

The only way to know what types of rewards we have in mind is to check back here at this blog early and often, and take not of when we announce any other blogs we may launch at various points in the future.

The Other Reason

The other reason we're deploying this particular approach is that we will likely be creating a number of blogs specific to our different product lines, so that customers who are interested in a particular line of products can get the information they're looking for without having to sort through loads of material that is irrelevant to that individual's particular interest.

For example, we may dedicate a blog specifically for mobility equipment, another for orthopedic-related topics (such as a wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome), and yet another for vitamins, supplements and nutrition-related topics. That way, customers who are only interested in a say, vitamin D supplements, won't have to read about the benefits of raised toilet seats before finding the information about the benefits of vitamin D, or a coupon to save money when buying vitamin D supplements.

Anyway, we will NOT be hiding any of our web logs, so you'll be informed of any and all that we may or may not create in the future, and you can choose whether or not you'd like to follow one, some or all of them.

Until further notice, this will be the primary blog for major company and product-related announcements.